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The Quileute Oceanside Resort & RV Park is a laid-back resort on the Quileute Reservation set on the spectacularly scenic northern Washington coast. The resort is set just behind lovely First Beach, with sweeping vistas of rocky James Island and other craggy sea-stacks, just off shore. At the back of the beach are expanses of massive driftwood logs driven ashore by the winter storms. The beach is popular with surfers and fishermen. This is an amazing place to relax, enjoy the scenery and then to explore nearby areas of the wild Washington coastline. 


Quileute Oceanside Resort & RV Park
330 Ocean Front Dr
La Push, WA 98350
Phone: (360) 374-5267
Latitude: 47.906035 N, Longitude: -124.632142 W


We stayed at the Quileute Oceanside Resort & RV Park for eleven nights in early-August. We would have liked a longer stay, but the resort was heavily booked – even with booking early, we were lucky to get as many days as we did. The resort is on the Quileute Reservation just off the incredibly scenic First Beach. The resort features two modern motel units, lovely modern rental cabins, two RV campgrounds with full hookups, and primitive tent camping on the beach. The park was very busy during our stay. We had a back-in full hookup RV site with 50 amp electric, water, and sewer during our stay. The park was generally quiet, save for the lulling crash of waves on the beach.


Our eleven night stay here cost about $50.20/night, including tax and a $5/night extra vehicle fee.

Amenities On Site or Nearby

The campground only has basic amenities, including full hookups with 50/30/20 amp electric, RV dump station, restrooms, port-a-potties, and laundry room. Few amenities are available close to the park – the resort has a camp store, coffee shop and U.S. Post Office, and one restaurant is nearby in La Push. A nicer laundromat, markets, gas stations, restaurants and other services are available at Forks.

Ratings (1-5)

Accessibility – 3/5

The campground is easily accessible from Highway WA-110 and the lanes through the park will accommodate large rigs. An exception is the lane behind the motel connecting the two RV areas – not recommended for large rigs as it winds tightly between trees. Lanes in the park are generally well maintained gravel, although a few potholes were evident that could use maintenance. The campground facilities do not seem to have many provisions for Universal access – the gravel roadways would be rough to navigate and the port-a-potties in the campground are small – we did not look at access around the motel, cabins, or restrooms at the store.

The park has two campgrounds featuring both back-in and pull-thru full hookup RV sites. The resort lists six tent sites available in one of the campgrounds and another twenty primitive tent sites on the beach. RV sites are closely spaced, with little separation between sites. Most RV sites can accommodate large rigs.

Facilities/Amenities – 2/5

As noted, the campground offers only basic amenities, including full hookups, RV dump station, restrooms or port-a-potties, and a laundry room. The grounds are clean and reasonably well maintained. The laundry room at the camp store appeared dirty and some of the machines were not in working order. Several restrooms were available at the camp store, but only port-a-potties in the rest of the campground we stayed at. The port-a-potties were dirty and needed to be cleaned and emptied. The campgrounds could certainly use a nice bathhouse and restroom facility! There was an outdoor shower available in the campground to wash off swimsuits & wet suits after swimming or surfing.

Site quality – 3/5

The park RV sites have full hookups with water, sewer and 50/30/20 amp electric service.  Sites are gravel with a picnic table and fire ring. Workers at the resort were attentive and promptly cleaned the fires rings and site whenever a campsite was vacated. Kudos! Sites in our campground were narrow, with little separation between sites. Sites in the other campground appeared to be wider, with a rail fence separating sites. One section of the campground was well shaded by spruce forest, the other section had no shade – not so much an issue in the Pacific Northwest with frequent heavy cloud cover.

Scenic Value – 5/5

The resort is in a beautifully scenic setting just behind First Beach, looking out on the Pacific Ocean and spectacular rocky islands and craggy sea-stacks. Between the campground and the beach is a zone of massive driftwood logs driven ashore by winter storms. The beach is covered in wave smoothed stones in some places and sandy in others. 

Location/Isolation – 4/5

As noted, the campground is on a spectacular and isolated section of the coastline, but not does not feel particularly isolated due to a crowded campground. Once on the beach you can regain some feeling of isolation. At night it is peaceful to listen to the waves ceaselessly breaking on the shore and to see campfires burning on the beach.

Paws Friendliness – 4/5

The campground is pet friendly, but does not provide cleanup-bags or any enclosed dog run. Pets are allowed on the beach and may go off-leash with supervision. The campground is large enough to take a good walk with your pet. Longer walks along the beach and through town to the marina are possible. Be very careful and attentive to your pet, especially when loose on the beach or tied outside your rig, as stray dogs from the reservation do come into the campground and onto the beach. The strays we saw were friendly enough, but you never know. 

Overall Rating – 4/5

This is a basic campground which could use improvement, but whose shortcomings are more than made up by the spectacular setting. We can highly recommend the park and would certainly enjoy another visit.

Additional info

Tsunami Hazard Zone

Since the campground is in a low-lying area near the coast, it is a designated Tsunami Hazard Zone. Be aware of this and prepared to use the designated evacuation routes to move to higher ground and stay there in case of an earthquake or Tsunami warning.

Internet access

Surprisingly, we received a moderate 4G Verizon signal at this campground. We deployed our cellular antenna and booster to improve MiFi hot spot internet access. The resort does not provide WiFi, except in an internet access area at the office.

Water Quality

The water at this campground tested soft – we did not add our water softener to the water filtration stack.

Nearby attractions

There are many things to see and do in the area around the park.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Enjoy scenic First Beach
  • Visit the working port at La Push
  • Visit nearby Rialto Beach, Second Beach  and Third Beach in Olympic National Park
  • For Twilight Fans, tour many Twilight-related sights at the Three Rivers Resort and around Forks
  • Visit Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park
  • Forks Timber Museum
  • Cape Flattery, Neah Bay, Shi-Shi Beach
  • Lake Crescent

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