Farewell to the Coast – Hoodsport, WA

Hood Canal

Our route in 2016 - from Sequim, Washington, to Klamath Falls, Oregon

Our route in 2016 – from Sequim, Washington, to Klamath Falls, Oregon

At the end of August we moved from Sequim to Hoodsport, Washington, a small resort town on the shores of the Hood Canal. The Hood Canal is actually a fjord – a long slender finger of water connecting to Puget Sound.

Hoodsport was our last stop at what nominally could be considered a coastal location. We had a wonderful time this summer working our way up the coast of Northern California, Oregon and Washington and were sad to bid adieu to the seashore. We so enjoyed the mild summer weather along the coast – the warm days with cool ocean breezes and cooler nights – great sleeping weather, as opposed to the sweltering temps just a few miles inland. Sigh.

We stayed for a week in Hoodsport at the Dow Creek RV Resort / Sunrise Resorts Campground, a lovely rustic park set in the woods a few miles off the Canal. While in the area, we enjoyed long scenic drives and picnics along the shores of the Hood Canal, as well as a day trip to nearby alpine Lake Cushman and the Staircase area of Olympic National Park. Jasmine and Pepper enjoyed playing in the water at Lake Cushman.

One day we took a drive into Olympia – an hour away – to pickup a prescription and restock supplies. We also found a nice Mexican Restaurant right on the pier at Hoodsport and enjoyed a pleasant sunset dinner watching kayaks and jet skis go by on the Hood Canal.

Our time in Hoodsport passed way too quickly and before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head out. We bid a last fond farewell to the coast and set course for our next stop, the Columbia River Gorge.

That’s all for now. Take care and enjoy the journey!

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5 thoughts on “Farewell to the Coast – Hoodsport, WA

  1. The map is covering up what I am writing… oh, there I am. Hello Kim and Jerry! Loving your blogs! I wanted to tell you that my brother, Michael Smith, lives in Sequim and runs the senior center there. He also built his own house there with amazing landscaping. Next time you’re there, stop in and see him!
    Sharon and Martin 🙂

    • Hi Sharon & Martin,
      Good to hear from you! Glad you’re enjoying the blog – thanks! Will have to look Michael up next time we pass thru. Sorry about the MapPress plugin misbehaving – not happy with it myself – used to work fine, but recent plugin (or WP Theme?) update seems to have changed something… Take care & maybe see you at an SBVAA mtg, sometime this winter.
      Clear skies,

  2. The Hood canal pilings look strange. Any idea what they were used for? I would think they would be organized if it were for a dock.

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