RV Tip – Slideout Bumpers Using Foam Swim Noodles

Does your RV have slideouts? Have you ever stood up too soon after accessing a storage compartment and smacked your head? Have you ever walked into the corner of a slide or the pin box on a fifth wheel in the dark or when turning around too quickly? If so, (and for me the answer is emphatically, Yes!) here’s a quick RV tip to save yourself or your visitors a few bumps and bruises.

Create do-it-yourself bumpers using sections of foam swim/pool noodles or other foam product, like water heater pipe insulation. Simply cut sections of the foam noodle to cover the section being padded, slice one side of the noodle lengthwise to form a groove, fit the section over the edge of the slide or pin box. If the sections tend to fall off, secure with clear packing tape.

Some folks we’ve seen remove the bumpers between stops; others tape the sections securely and travel with the bumpers in place. Your call. That’s it!

Here are a few photos of such bumpers we’ve observed around campgrounds, lately.

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