Leaving Silent Valley

Boulder formation at Silent Valley ClubWe have been staying at Silent Valley Club for the past month, but our 30-day stay limit is up and we’re moving on. We very much enjoyed our stay at this park and are looking forward to returning many times in the future.

Our time at SV passed quickly – it’s hard to believe we’ve already been retirees for a month! We took the time at SV to just relax, take long walks with the dogs, get together with family and friends, and to make some new friends. (Cheryl & Larry, Margo & Dave, we miss you guys already and look forward to seeing you again someday down the road. Keep in touch!)

We also took care of a few outstanding maintenance tasks on the Toyota Tundra pickup – we equipped the truck with new tires, front brakes, and serpentine belt and also replaced worn bushings and control arms in the front suspension to keep the vehicle roadworthy.

In preparation for leaving, we roughed out our itinerary for the rest of the year and made a few key reservations. We are planning to be in Minnesota & Iowa for mid-September & October to visit family and friends before returning to SoCal for the Holidays and to overwinter. Along the way, we will be visiting friends in Flagstaff, Arizona, and in Bluff, Utah.

Mojave River Forks Regional Park

For now, we have relocated to the Mojave River Forks Regional Park, near Hesperia, California, where we plan to stay until Father’s Day. This is a quiet little regional park with sweeping vista views of the high desert and San Bernardino mountains. The park offers tent and full hookup (30 Amp) sites. Temperatures are already heating up for the summer – this is later in the season than I would have preferred to visit this park – but we are comfortable here with the limited AC that 30 Amp electrical will support. The night sky here is reasonably dark – I look forward to setting up the telescope and doing a bit of star gazing on clear nights.

Until next time…

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5 thoughts on “Leaving Silent Valley

  1. Did Jasmine bark at the Burros? We will be back up for the holidays as well. Hope to see you then!
    We are headed to Hawaii soon, and while there we plan to visit Mauna Kea at night and hopefully get some good shots of the stars. Safe travels!

  2. Safe travels, would be awesome to reconnect once you are back in the area, we had the stomach flu for half of may and were not very portable….all the best…k

    • Thanks, Kasia! Sorry to hear about the flu bug – no fun. Take care & keep in touch – we plan to be back in the area by mid/late November & touch base then. Say “Hi!” to Egor. 🙂

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